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I first joined Darebin Phoenix last year, playing my first year of Rep basketball for the 18.1s squad. From day one I knew this was a club and association that I wanted to be a part of. The organisation is managed extremely well by great people that are skilled at building success, not only on the court, but off it as well. Going into my first year of Rep basketball, I was really determined in levelling up all aspects of my game and expanding my knowledge of the game and how to play effectively within a skilled team and to learn how I can best utilise my strengths in the game.

Darebin’s coaching staff have really enabled me to do this, with the continuous guidance and mentoring at team trainings as well as partaking in many of the different elite development programs on offer for players here. I have certainly seen the growth of my game take off because of this, as the skills and knowledge I have gained have translated to a more complete game on the court to that of when I first joined Darebin. I’m sure that other players at Darebin feel the same when I say that you feel like the coaches here genuinely care about your development, and invest time into guiding and pushing you to reach your full potential as a basketball player and overall person.

Being a part of Darebin also means being part of a great community. This has a lot to do with the numerous opportunities the club brings to its members. There are many different pathways available in basketball at Darebin that are beyond playing, such as coaching or being a referee. While helping coach different programs at Darebin, I have been able to connect with others in the community at different ages and have felt rewarded teaching younger players the game of basketball. I have also been a referee for Darebin for the past few years, which has also allowed me to meet many new people within the Darebin organisation and wider community, as well as gaining countless new skills through the experience.

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